I have always liked art and I enjoy creating it. I primarily work in oil, pencil/charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil. The subject matter can be influenced by the type of medium I want to work with or just the color or shape of something. My goal is to create artwork that draws your eye into it.

I tend to paint/draw realistically. I really try to create a likeness between my portraits and the person in it. I want the drawing to make you smile when you look at it. I especially strive to make it look like a photograph of that person. My flowers are also realistic. However, sometimes I will zoom in on them to paint it from a different perspective, which could give it more of an abstract effect. I have also experimented with creating a more dimensional painting surface. Sometimes, the surface can be rather rigid and I use thick stretchers. I like to give my artwork a modern feel and be pleasing to the eye.

If interested, I do commissioned artwork. Please contact me with any requests and ideas. My email address is jandjcogan@embarqmail.com

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Thank you for looking at my website and I hope you enjoy it!